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MKVToolNix Portable 25.0.0 "Prog Noir" 32-64 bit FoxxApp

MKVToolNix - набор инструментов для работы с видео-файлами Matroska (MKV), очень полезная программа, позволяет добавлять/убирать звуковые дорожки, субтитры, склеивать/резать файлы. Все очень быстро и понятно. Поддерживаются такие типы видео потоков: AVI, Ogg/OGM, и RealVideo. MKVToolnix поддерживает работу со многими кодеками и форматами субтитров.

Программа позволяет редактировать и просматривать файлы формата MKV, извлекать и добавлять субтитры, аудио-дорожки, перекодировать видео файлы различных форматов в формат MKV. Кроме того, предоставляется подробная техническая информация о том или ином файле MKV.

MKV - это специальный аудио/видео контейнер, похожий на AVI, хранящий в себе огромное количество информации.

Формат MKV - это открытый проект Матрешка (Matroska), призванный создать единый стандарт мультимедийных контейнеров на ПК. Его особенность, открытость кода, что позволяет совершенствовать данный формат любому программисту мира, а также команде программистов. Формат MKV стал необычайно распространен в последнее время, благодаря своим возможностям и, в частности, преобладанием функций по сравнению с AVI.

Мультимедийный контейнер Матрешка (Matroska) содержит в себе видео дорожку (MKV), звуковую дорожку (MKA) и дорожку субтитров (MKS), а также множество служебной информации, позволяющей создавать меню, подобные DVD-фильмам, управлять таймингом и др. Количество дорожек не ограничено.

Поддерживаются несколько форматов субтитров: SRT, SSA, ASS, VobSub и другие. Результирующие файлы от Mkvtoolnix проигрываются различными медиа плеерами Linux/Unix и Matroska Direct Show под Windows.

MKVToolNix - with these tools one can get information about (mkvinfo) Matroska files, extract tracks/data from (mkvextract) Matroska files and create (mkvmerge) Matroska files from other media files. Matroska is a new multimedia file format aiming to become THE new container format for the future. MKVToolNix is a set of tools to create, alter and inspect Matroska files under Linux, other Unices and Windows. They do for Matroska what the OGMtools do for the OGM format and then some.

MKVToolNix Portable 25.0.0 "Prog Noir" 32-64 bit FoxxApp

Version 25.0.0 "Prog Noir"

## New features and enhancements

* mkvmerge: SRT/ASS/SSA text subtitles: for files for which no encoding has
been specified, mkvmerge will try UTF-8 first before falling back to the
system's default encoding. Part of the implementation of #2246.
* mkvmerge: SRT/ASS/SSA/WebVTT text subtitles: a warning is now emitted if
invalid 8-bit characters are encountered outside valid multi-byte UTF-8
sequences. Part of the implementation of #2246.
* mkvmerge: Matroska & MPEG transport stream readers: the encoding of text
subtitles read from Matroska files can now be changed with the
`--sub-charset` parameter.
* Linux: starting with release 25 an AppImage will be provided which should
run on any Linux distribution released around the time of CentOS 7/Ubuntu
14.04 or later.
* macOS: translations: updated the `build.sh` script to build `libiconv` and a
complete `gettext`. Together with an additional fix to how translation files
are located, MKVToolNix can now use all interface languages on macOS,
too. Fixes #2110, #2307, #2323.

## Bug fixes

* mkvmerge: AVC/h.264: fixed file identification failing for certain
elementary streams due to internal buffers not being cleared properly. Fixes
* mkvmerge: HEVC/h.265: fixed file identification failing for certain
elementary streams due to internal buffers not being cleared properly. This
is the HEVC analog to what was fixed for AVC in #2325.
* mkvmerge: MLP code: fixed various issues preventing MLP from being parsed
correctly. Fixes #2326.
* mkvmerge: TrueHD/MLP packetizer; dialog volume normalization removal isn't
attempted if the track is an MLP track as the operation is only supported
for TrueHD, not MLP.
* mkvmerge: MPEG TS reader: when reading MPLS mkvmerge will now compare the
MPLS's start and end timestamps against the transport stream's PTS instead
of its DTS. Otherwise the first key frame of a video track might be dropped
if it isn't the first in presentation order. Fixes #2321.
* mkvmerge: JSON identification: mkvmerge will ensure that all strings passed
to the JSON output modules are valid UTF-8 encoded strings by replacing
invalid bytes with placeholder characters. This avoids the JSON library
throwing an exception and mkvmerge aborting on such data. Fixes #2327.
* mkvmerge: audio packetizers: mkvmerge will now keep discard padding values
if they're present for packets read from Matroska files. Fixes #2296.
* mkvmerge: Ogg Opus reader: packet timestamps aren't calculated by summing up
the duration of all packets starting with timestamp 0 anymore. Instead the
algorithm is based on the Ogg page's granule position and which packet
number is currently timestamped (special handling for the first and last
packets in the stream).

* This fixes the first timestamp if the first Ogg packet's granule position
is larger than the number of samples in the first packet (= if the first
sample's timestamp is bigger than 0). mkvmerge will keep those offsets now
and inserts "discard padding" only where it's actually needed.
* It also improves handling of invalid files where the first Ogg packet's
granule position is smaller than the number of samples in the first packet
(= the first sample's timestamp is smaller than 0). mkvmerge will now
shift all timestamps up to 0 in such a case instead of inserting "discard
padding" elements all over the place.
* mkvmerge will no longer insert "discard padding" elements if the
difference between a) the calculated number of samples in the packet
according to the granule position and b) the actual number of samples as
calculated from the bitstream is one sample or less and if the packet
isn't the last one in the stream. This circumvents certain rounding
* The timestamp of the first packet after a gap in the middle of the stream
is now calculated based on the Ogg page the packet belongs to, and not
based on the timestamps before the gap.

Fixes #2280.
* mkvmerge: complete rewrite of the progress handling. It's now based upon the
total size of all source files and the current position within them instead
of the number of frames/blocks to be processed. This simplifies calculation
when appending files and fixes rare cases of when progress report was
obvious wrong (e.g. stuck at 0% right until the end). Fixes #2150 and #2330.
* MKVToolNix GUI: header editor: non-mandatory elements couldn't be removed
anymore due to a regression while fixing #2320. They can now be removed
again. Fixes #2322.

Год: 2018
ОС: Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8., 10 32-64 bit
Интерфейс: Multilingual / Русский
Сборка: Foxx PortableAppZ
Лекарство: Бесплатно
Размер: 27.1 MB

MKVToolNix Portable 25.0.0 "Prog Noir" 32-64 bit FoxxApp

MKVToolNix Portable 25.0.0 "Prog Noir" 32-64 bit FoxxApp

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